We offer tailor made solutions for each customer, depending their request and specifications. Our dry bulk containers pending between Norway and Europe constantly, and we are familiar with major part of dry bulk market in Norway. We use 20’, 30’, 33’ and 40’ containers, BIB and pressurized tanks. Trucks we use are equipped with compressor, tipping and Rotary Feeder facilities, complying Euro 6 standards.

Additionally we are dealing with Plastic Granules, Titaniumdioxide, Cement and Starch, and have huge experience, built through many years work from these materials. Either material to be send in Bag in Box units, or in Pressurized Tank Containers, TOSS has the necessary equipment, experience, and the fleet for your demand. Yearly we load and unload around 15 000 tons of different type of Dry Bulk products in Norwegian market. To solve your Dry Bulk Logistic challenges, TOSS is one of the most experienced and well-equipped companies you can meet in Norwegian market.


Liquid Chemicals deliveries is a part of our day-to-day business, and we deliver around 10 000 tons of different chemicals to Norwegian market. Our professionalism on liquid chemicals are including wide range of material specter from surfactants, lubricants, isocyanates, solvents, additives, off shore petro-chemicals, to adhesives.

We have our own tank containers to supply our customers with any kind of project, or we supply service providers with their own equipment. Knowing local market and their needs is one of our strongest sides, which is important for deliveries or loadings in Norway. Major part of well-known chemical companies in Norway are familiar with us, and our service.


TOSS has expanding it’s market position with rental and sales of Intermodal equipment. We can offer rental and sales of following type of equipment to our customers;

Chemical Tank Container
El-heated Tank Container
Foodgrade / Foodstuff Tank Container
Pressurized Tank Container (Dry Bulk)
Bitumen Tank Container
Gas Tank Container
Swap Body Tank Container
Reefer / Refrigerated Tank Container
Storage Tank Container

Offshore certified container’s such as;
Horizontal and Vertical Offshore Chemical Tank Container
Helifuel Tank container
Lined Acid Tank Container


TOSS is one of the few companies that authorized both by Norwegian and by Swedish Customs Authorities, which means significant benefits for customers that has transport either between these two Scandinavian countries, or to/from one of them. We have our own Customs Warehouse, and can perform any kind of Customs process. For our customers, this means simplified process and saved time.

Our Customs System allow us automatically sending of digital copy of clearance doc to receiver, even with copy of customs invoice, so no customer has to chase the customs declaration. This is a huge benefit for final customers, who normally spend time to find out who made the clearance, and finally where the declaration documents are. By using our customs systems you will leave the job over to safe hands and don’t have to worry about risky reminders and penalties from Customs Authorities. We have excellent reputation by Customs Office in Norway.


TOSS can offer storage facilities both for Haz/Non Haz, laden and empty units in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Bergen, Drammen and Kristiansand.
To get competitive rates and conditions, please send us a request.