We offer tailor made solutions for each customer, depending their request and specifications. Our dry bulk containers pending between Norway and Europe constantly, and we are familiar with major part of dry bulk market in Norway. We use 20’, 30’, 33’ and 40’ containers, BIB and pressurized tanks. Trucks we use are equipped with compressor, tipping and Rotary Feeder facilities, complying Euro 6 standards.

Additionally we are dealing with Plastic Granules, Titaniumdioxide, Cement and Starch, and have huge experience, built through many years work from these materials. Either material to be send in Bag in Box units, or in Pressurized Tank Containers, TOSS has the necessary equipment, experience, and the fleet for your demand. Yearly we load and unload around 15 000 tons of different type of Dry Bulk products in Norwegian market. To solve your Dry Bulk Logistic challenges, TOSS is one of the most experienced and well-equipped companies you can meet in Norwegian market.